Life Trak Program

Colorado Life Trak is a coordinated program sponsored by the Delta County Sheriff’s Office which provides caregivers with the ability to keep track of program participants should they become lost or go missing. It can help provide peace of mind to caregivers, although it does not replace the need for supervised care.

How It Works

The transmitter is a small circular radio device in a wristband, approximately the size of a wristwatch. The wristband is worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is difficult to remove without the appropriate tools. Caregivers will be required to test the transmitter daily by passing it over a small tester at home. A Sheriff’s Office employee will visit the participant’s home monthly to change the wristband and battery, as well as document any significant changes in behavior or personality that may affect a law enforcement search effort.
If the participant becomes lost or missing, the Sheriff’s Office has specialized tracking equipment to help isolate the location of the wristband. The search will start from the last known location of the participant and work outward until the transmission signal is obtained. The goal is to determine the location of the signal in a quick, timely manner, while minimizing the risk of harm to the participant.

Colorado Live Trak Saves Lives

  • Within minutes, rather than hours, days, or longer, significantly reducing the risk of harm or death to the participant;
  • At night as well as during the day, and in all weather conditions;
  • In both populated and extremely remote or thickly vegetated areas;
  • Inside buildings, cars, or other objects, and under bridges, vegetation, or other cover;
  • Whether the transmitter wearer is cooperative, conscious, hiding, or even unaware that he/she is missing;
  • Independent of any passerby or good Samaritan

System Costs

Participation in the program is free. However, the system itself costs each law enforcement agency between $6,000 and $10,000 to implement, which is approximately the cost of a 4-6 hour search for a missing person not wearing the transmitter.
Replacement costs are $275 per transmitter unit, $53 per tester, and $10 per battery. Tax deductible donations are welcome and appreciated.

Application Process

Family members or caregivers may contact the Delta County Sheriff’s Office to begin the Colorado Life Trak application process. A Sheriff’s Office employee will be available to assist in completing the application and reviewing the contract and program guidelines. Once the participant is selected for the program, the wristband with the transmitter will be placed on the participant’s wrist.
For more information, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 970-874-2000.